Have you ever wondered how many parts make up a computer? You’re not the only one who’s been wondering this. Many people have asked themselves the same question. In this blog post, we will discuss the different parts of a computer and what each one does. We will also provide pictures of the various components so you can have a better idea. Stay tuned!

Parts of computer system can be divided into two categories: Internal Parts and External Parts.

Internal parts of a computer are the ones that are found inside the case. These are the parts that you can physically touch when you open up your computer. The external parts are the ones that are found outside of the case and can be seen without opening up your computer.

Internal Parts of Computer System

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU is the brain of the computer. It is responsible for processing all of the instructions that we give to our computers. Without it, our computers would be nothing more than glorified calculators. The number of gigahertz (GHz) indicates how quickly the CPU can process information. The higher the GHz figure, the quicker it can handle data.

Random Access Memory (RAM)


RAM is where the computer stores information that it is currently working on. It is very fast, which is why it is used for this purpose. The more RAM a computer has, the more information it can store and the faster it can work.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

The HDD is where the computer stores all of its long-term information. This includes things like your operating system, your programs, and your personal files. HDDs are much slower than RAM, but they can store a lot more information.

Solid State Drive (SSD)


Solid-state drives (SSD) are a type of computer storage that uses solid-state memory to store data. SSDs are often used in place of traditional hard drives because they are faster and lighter. They are much faster than HDDs but they are also more expensive. It needs lower power consumption than HDDs. There are no moving parts, so it is more durable.

SSDs are a newer technology that is quickly becoming the new standard in computer storage. They work by using a series of interconnected flash memory chips to store data. They are also ideal for laptops and other portable devices since they utilize less electricity, making them perfect. SSDs are also more resistant to physical shock, making them less likely to break if dropped.



The computer’s motherboard is the main circuit board. It contains all of the important components that make the computer work. These include the CPU, RAM, HDD, etc.

The motherboard has many different components that make it work. These include the following:

– The chipset, which is responsible for controlling the information flow between the different parts of the computer.

– The BIOS, which is responsible for booting up the computer and making sure all of the hardware is working properly.

– The CPU socket, which is where the CPU plugs into the motherboard.

– The RAM slots, which are where the RAM plugs into the motherboard.

– The HDD and SSD connectors, which are used to connect the HDDs and SSDs to the motherboard.

– The PCI slots, which are used to connect expansion cards to the motherboard.

Video Card


The video card is responsible for generating the images that you see on the screen. It does this by converting the information stored in your computer into a signal that is used by the monitor.

Sound Card


The sound card generates the sound that you hear from your speakers or headphones. Like the video card, it converts the information stored in your computer into a signal that can be used by your audio device.

Graphic Processing Unit (GPU)


It is also known as graphics card. The GPU is in charge of generating the visuals you see on your screen. It is similar to the video card, but it is specifically designed for gaming computers.

Here are some great benefits to use GPU:

-It can create images and graphics faster

-It can produce higher quality images

-It can render images in real time

-A very critical part for gamers and crypto miners

Although It uses more power than a regular video card and produces more heat than a regular video card but still this is one of the main parts of computer system, specially for heavy usage.

CD/DVD Drive


The CD/DVD drive is responsible for reading and writing CDs and DVDs. It is used to install new software, backup files, or watch movies.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

power supply unit

The PSU is in charge of supplying power to all of the internal parts of the computer. Without it, nothing would be able to run.

External Parts of Computer System



The monitor is the device that you use to see the information on your computer. It takes the signal from your video card and displays it on the screen.

Some different types of monitors are as follows;

-CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors are the oldest type of monitor. They use a tube to display the information on the screen.

-LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors are the most common type of monitor. They use a liquid crystal to display the information on the screen.

-LED (Light Emitting Diode) monitors are a newer type of monitor. They use LEDs to display the information on the screen.

-OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) monitors are the newest type of monitor. They use organic materials to display the information on the screen.



The keyboard is the computer’s primary input device. It allows you to input text, numbers, and commands into your computer.

Two types of keyboards are available there in the market.

Wired keyboard: A wired keyboard is a keyboard that connects to your computer using a cable.

Wireless keyboard: A wireless keyboard is a keyboard that connects to your computer using Bluetooth or another wireless technology.

A keyboard can also include special function keys that can perform tasks such as opening your web browser or opening a new tab.



The mouse is also an input device that is used to move a cursor around on the screen. You can use it to click on things, select text, and scroll through documents.

There are two main types of mouse

Optical mouse uses a laser to track the movement of the mouse.

Ball mouse uses a ball to track the movement of the mouse.

The type of mouse you use is up to you. Some people prefer optical mouse because they are more accurate, while others prefer ball mouse because they are easier to use.



Speakers are output devices that allow you to hear sound from the computer. They take the signal from your sound card and convert it into sound waves that you can hear.



Headphones are another type of output device that allows you to hear sound from your computer. They are similar to speakers, but they go directly into your ears.



A microphone is a sound input device that allows you to put sounds into your computer. This can be used for things like voice recognition and video chat.



A webcam is a video input device that allows you to feed video into your computer. This is used for things like video chat and live streaming.



UPS is an uninterruptible power supply. It is a device that provides power to your computer in the event of a power outage. It protects your computer from power surges.

It keeps your computer running during a power outage and prevents data loss in the event of a power outage.

Hence, it is a critical part of any business or home computer system.



A printer is a device that allows you to output documents and photos from your computer.

You can print on different types of paper, such as photo paper or cardstock and documents with the options of color or black and white.

There are many various sorts of printers on the market, such as inkjet printers and laser printers.



A scanner is a tool that allows you to input documents and photographs into your computer. You can scan and save important documents, photos, receipts, business cards, etc.



A modem is a device that enables you to connect to the internet. It can provide you with a high-speed internet connection and connect to the internet from anywhere in the world. It can connect to the internet using a phone line or a high-speed connection.



A router is a device that allows you to connect to the internet and share your connection with other devices.

The router can connect multiple devices to the internet at the same time. It can provide a wireless connection for your devices and boost your internet speed. It can improve your security as well.


Parts of Computer systems are very important because without them we would not be able to use our computers effectively. Each component has a specific and crucial function in the computer system’s operation.

Now that we’ve gone through the different components of a computer, let’s put them all together and see how they work.

When you switch on your computer, the power supply unit (PSU) gives electricity to all of the internal components. The CPU then boots up and starts running the operating system. The RAM stores data that the CPU needs to access quickly. The hard disk drive (HDD) stores all of the other data on your computer. The video card turns the information from your computer into a signal that can be used by your monitor. The sound card turns the information from your computer into a signal that can be used by your speakers or headphones. The microphone turns the sound from your voice into a signal that can be used by your computer. The webcam converts the video from your camera into a signal that your computer can understand.

We’ve learned the various components and how they operate. Let’s take a look at how to keep all of your computer’s components operating properly.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your computer running smoothly is to keep it clean. Dust and grime can accumulate over time and cause your computer to overheat. You should vacuum the inside of your computer case every few months to remove dust and dirt. You should also update your software on a regular basis. Software developers release updates regularly to fix bugs and improve performance. These updates should be installed as soon as possible.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your computer running smoothly for years to come. Thanks for reading!